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This beautiful Lakeside Log Home Retreat is a gorgeous example of what an imagination can accomplish!

    Master Log Homes, located in Darby, Montana's "Rocky Mountain Log Valley", Log Home Capital of the World. Master Log Homes is a Log Home builder of Swedish Coped Logs, Handpeeled and Smooth finishes. Here at Master Log Homes we have all the tools and expertise to do anything you may desire. As one of the longest "Rocky Mountain Log Valley" established log home manufacturers, Master Log Homes can provide logs for any project you desire or dream!    

     Log Homes, often called Log Cabins or Kit Houses, are a dream of many who are in search of an ideal home. There are of course, multiple concerns for those who are considering Custom Log Home Design for their dream home, including the "green" factor, as well as the cost that comes with purchasing something that has the words "custom" or "design" as part of it's description. Here at Master Log Homes these were factors for us when we started the business as well, and the answers we recieved were logical and relieved our concerns.


     Regarding the "green" factor, Master Log Homes only uses the standing dead high elevation Lodgepole Pine or Douglas Fir for its Log Cabins, Log Homes, Kit Houses, or the myriad of other names they have been called.




What that means to you:

          1. In fact removing the dead trees helps to clear the way for new growth.
          2. It is removing a falling or fire hazard, helping to protect both homes and wildlife.
          3. The "standing dead" means that the tree has been naturally dried
                         a. This means there is no need for a kiln drying, saving on energy consumption.
                         b. No harsh chemicals are used for the drying.
          4. There is no contribution to clearing living trees to create one of our beautiful homes.



          Price, well price is always a factor, no matter what type of home you choose. Many people however, assume that if you are having a log home design created, or using a log home builder for your home it will be too costly of an option, without ever looking further. You might be pleasantly surprised! We can't quote a price without knowing what is needed of us, but we are always willing to find out what your budget is (which you will have no matter the type of home you go for) and what your needs are, and then see what we can do for you.


     Master Log Homes can provide design, drawings, and pre-cut plans for your Log home kit: from scratch or your architects' specifications.

   Included in manufacturing for log homes are:

           Circle Sawn Beams
           Log Post & Beam Construction
           Dovetail Logs
           Handcrafted Logs
           Natural Edged Flat Top/Bottom Stacks      

   Please visit our Processing page for greater detail about the Log Home building processes, or you can go directly to our Contact Us page at Master Log Homes, Where Great Homes Begin.


   Kit Houses were originally pre-manufactured layouts that got shipped out and left you feeling like you were playing a grown up version of Lincoln Logs.

   These days, while we still refer to some of our Log Cabins as "Kit Houses" in fact each and every log for every build is done at the time of order,
individually crafted and carefully detailed.
Exactly the same as any of our Custom Log Homes or a Custom Design.

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