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OK Seriously, When this is your office
How do you stop yourself from make something beautiful and detailed?
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         There are not very many people, who drive into a neighborhood, and upon seeing the cookie cutter houses, think "Hey, this is my dream home." You would prefer a custom design log home.

     Your ideas and wish lists start our team to design, develop, and draw your custom dream home.

     We work with your sketches to develop a concept or program geared to drawings for construction of the custom project. Where Swedish Cope Logs are our main products, we can design your custom home with all the options, or characteristics you wish. From different corner designs to optional log wall stacks.

         The manufacturing team has the fun part, they have to take what is drawn on paper, compiled in a computer, and create it in wood.

     Vick, our Vice President at Master Log Homes, for the last 24 years, gets the job of manufacturing. Making sure what they are creating is exactly what you are wanting, and that it is built in a way to last for generations to come.

Creating Custom Swedish Cope, Log Homes, from 1977 to today.

    Master Log Homes    
You Dream it!

We Design and Manufacture it!

     The custom design process can often times be very involved. We will happily take a description, determine what it's Wishes are, and design these into a whole log home or cabin for you.

Where your Dreams can become Reality!
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