Home Sweet Home
A look at some ideas for a Custom Design, or a "Kit House"
A Log Cabin by Master Log Homes


Our Log Home is located in the Bitterroot Valley in Darby, MT.
Log Homes, Cabin, Kit Houses, Custom, Design, Log Home, Master Log Homes
Please feel free to stop by and take a look!
This House features Swedish Coped logs.
Log Homes, Cabin, Kit Houses, swedish coped, Log Home, Master Log Homes
You can see some of the amazing features you can add to your home, using this style for your new log cabin.

If you are interested in the style and layout of this home...
Log Homes, Cabin, Kit House, Custom, Design, Log Home, Master Log Homes
We can easily recreate it as a "Kit house" for you or use it to incorporate some of the style into your Custom Design.
This log homes features include:
Log Homes, Swedish coped, Kit Houses, Custom, Design, hand peeled, Master Log Homes
Swedish Coped Logs, Hand Peeled, with an open floor plan, and a loft.


A look at some of the Log Houses by Master Log Homes
The Custom Log Home

"Butt and Pass Corners"
    This Log Home is a great example of incorporating many different products to create houses that stand out as a beautiful feature to the landscape!        

Under Construction

        It is always so exciting to take a concept, a thought in your head, and then begin to see the Custom Cabin begin to take shape in front of you.        


Lakeside Log Cabin Retreat

        "Swedish Cope"

"Saddle Notch Corners"
    This amazing Lakeside Log Home was a Custom Design, fraught with difficulties in determining what was wanted, and then ended up being a Dream House.

Just goes to show that if you try, you can succeed!

(with Master Log Homes of course)


Windows can Break (or make) It

        The windows can make the difference! You generally aren't building a cabin because you don't like the look of your land.

Don't forget to plan for beautiful large windows so you can see those amazing vista's!

    "Glass Living or Great Room"

"Butt and Pass Corners"


Some of the other items we make.

Accent Wall
We don't just make full homes!
If you are looking for an accent wall to your garden, a gorgeous display for your store, or anything else you can think of to build with logs, we are more than happy to help you out!



This garage was built as part of the Lakeside Log Cabin Retreat
Since a garage can be up to 7% of the worth of your home having something that blends and matches in with the overall look can really make a difference to you.

Below there are a couple of other items as log home builders you may not know we build. It is all just part of the details we consider with creating a Custom Design Log Home!


The Doggy Log Home

While a dog house may not add much to the value of your home, an ugly one can easily decrease the curb appeal, as well as making your dog unhappy!

The Miniature Pump House

We all end up with various items in our yards we would prefer to hide. Whether it is plumbing or electrical adding a small log cover can help make it easily accessible, while changing a mar on the landscape to a cute feature of it.

Where your Dreams can become Reality!
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